Apple is working on long range wireless charging, according to report

Tuesday, 02 Feb, 2016

That would be a pretty big convenience, though first Apple and its partners would have to figure out how to make it feasible. If Apple can find a way to allow users to charge their iOS devices more conveniently, it could result in a very compelling new feature. Some of the groundwork for Apple's plans is already in place.

Being able to wirelessly charge a device without it requiring physical contact with a charging surface would no doubt increase its appeal to consumers. Bloomberg says the iPhone-maker is now finding a way to prevent power loss caused by the distance between a mobile device and its charging apparatus. Furthermore, it is observed that the power transfer efficiency decreases with the increasing distance between the charger and device, making the battery consume more time to charge. Apple now uses a similar technique, called induction, to charge its Watch within millimeters of the power source. No kidding. In fact, it's likely been working on wireless charging for years by this points.

If the iPhone 7 really does ditch its headphone jack, and all signs seem to suggest it will, then Apple's EarPods are due for a serious upgrade later this year.

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Companies such as Samsung, Sony and Google already offer phones with wireless charging technology that requires placement on a charging plate. But the Cupertino company is working relentlessly to introduce innovative technologies in its next-gen iPhones to boost sales.

If successful, the technology would give Apple an edge in the premium-phone market, Bloomberg said.

Another Apple patent from the end of 2015 describes a charging method that allows metal transparent radio signals to pass through the iPhone's metallic casing.