Black Democrats question Sanders' commitment to Obama

Sunday, 14 Feb, 2016

Yes, Sanders’ backers say they’re frustrated with a system they believe is rigged for the wealthy.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed sharply in a debate on Thursday over their support for President Barack Obama, with Sanders accusing Clinton of "a low blow" after she compared him to Republicans.

In Democrats' sixth debate Thursday, she pointedly accused Sanders of getting personal in criticizing their party's leader in the White House.

After splitting this year's first two states with Sanders, Clinton also renewed her assertion that her unexpectedly strong rival was energizing voters with promises "that can not be kept".

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders sparred over a variety of issues last night at UW-Milwaukee.

One questioned the allegiances of Sanders, who is the longest-serving independent in congressional history but running for president as a Democrat.

Mrs Clinton pounced from the start, after Mr Sanders demurred in saying how much his proposals would increase the size of the federal government.

In Iowa, 172,000 Democrats took part in the party caucuses.

In an October interview with MSNBC, he said Obama and Vice President Joe Biden "have done a damn good job", but that America needs "a course correction".

Clinton - who entered the race past year as the presumptive front runner with sky-high polling numbers - fought to reestablish her dominance after Sanders' landslide victory in the New Hampshire primary earlier this week.

Georgia holds its primary March 1, on Super Tuesday.

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That's an example of the way Sanders's laudable self-confidence, and his passionate belief in big, systemic change, is causing problems for his candidacy when it comes to the issue of Obama.

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She doubled down the next day showering President Obama with praise in SC and Minnesota, while her campaign questioned Sanders' loyalty on Snapchat.

Polling in Nevada has been sparse, but the Free Beacon survey suggests that Sanders has managed to close a double-digit gap in the state.

Sanders was holding a forum on race and economic opportunity at a Minneapolis high school later Friday.

Asked by Clinton about who his foreign policy advisers were, Sanders shot back: "Well it ain't Henry Kissinger". She also said she had heard that this was the first time a majority of the people on a primary debate stage (that is, including the moderators) have been women.

One man yelled: "Say black!" "I don't think they understood that sufficiently", Clyburn said.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, an influential writer on racial issues, drew attention to the issue recently in an Atlantic Magazine essay entitled "The Case for Reparations".

The comments sparked controversy among women who felt they were being told to vote on gender alone.

"That's what's happening right now". And despite taking in heaps of money in campaign donations from both the insurance and pharmecutical industries, she added "I took on the drug companies and I took on the insurance companies to try to get us universal health care coverage".

Sanders notes that this is hardly a criticism of Obama - nor is it an endorsement of Press' book. "And why I am a staunch supporter of President Obama's principal accomplishment-namely the Affordable Care Act-is because I know how hard it was to get that done".