Presidential race moves to New Hampshire

Friday, 05 Feb, 2016

"You'd have to prove wrongdoing that had a outcome of effecting the result", Foley said, noting Cruz had apologized for his staff not following up with caucus-goers on the Carson reports.

Asked by a reporter if he felt at all bad about the result, Trump said, "There's a tinge...I probably had a tinge because a poll came out that said I was five points ahead".

Political pundits had noted with some alarm this morning that Trump had gone Twitter silent after his surprisingly gracious/humble-ish concession speech in Iowa, where he "lost" [snagged one less delegate] to Ted Cruz.

A second hiccup, at the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday, would spell political disaster for the billionaire.

"Many people voted for Cruz over Carson because of this Cruz fraud", he added. That poll found Trump, at 34%, maintaining a large national lead over both Cruz (18 percent) and Rubio (13 percent). He might even sue Cruz.

"We take nothing for granted, and some of the polls I've been seeing are completely inaccurate", he said. "He said the man has just left the race and he said it during the caucus... the problem with politics is that we have all these dishonest politicians".

"Some people thought the debate, you know, not doing the debate might have been a positive for perhaps my opponents", Trump said. In real time, momentum is shaped by which candidate wins the most votes, and that's how history will remember Iowa in 2016.

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Votes in the Democratic race are still being counted, and some USA media have declared it a dead heat.

Rand Paul, a USA senator from Kentucky with a libertarian philosophy, pulled out of the Republican race.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio is also seeing a surge in support.

In follow-up tweets, Trump hinted that he was referring to a controversy for which Cruz apologised to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson on Tuesday.

On CNN Newsroom Wednesday, Baldwin said "when Senator Cruz, with all due respect, tries to throw my network and CNN under the bus, let me stand up for my colleagues and journalists here...we reported it accurately", she said on air.

While Carson relaxes in Florida, Trump is taking the baton away from the retired
neurosurgeon and playing the victim card. "If he's in total agreement with it, then he doesn't have to make any changes", Carson said today. "This guy is really fraudulent". He won about one-third of Evangelicals, while Donald Trump won about one- fifth.