Raiders owner Mark Davis speaks on potential Vegas move

Tuesday, 28 Mar, 2017

The Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas and begin playing at a planned $1.9 billion stadium starting with the 2020 season.

MONDAY'S VOTE: The Raiders found their third city to call home in Las Vegas - and became the third National Football League team in two years to announce a move. "Thousands of fans may very well be turned off forever by what they perceive is the NFL's lack of loyalty to its most important constituents - the fans!" Those types of deals are hard to come by these days, and Raiders owner Mark Davis jumped at the offer.

The Raiders will have to get 24 votes from league owners, a three-quarters majority, to move.

"My father used to say that the greatness of the Raiders is in the future", said Raiders owner Mark Davis, son of Al Davis. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was not impressed. The team could move before that to play at a temporary venue, however. "So for us to speed up the game, I think that's smart".

"Happy to do that", Davis said.

On the heels of the Golden State Warriors exit from Oaktown, the Raiders will also leave Oakland. They will play the next two seasons at StubHub Center in Carson before they and the Rams move into a $2.6 billion stadium now under construction at the site where Hollywood Park racetrack once stood.

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Still, few doubt the Raiders are about ready to hit the jackpot in Las Vegas. The East Bay team, a staple of the community for 35 years after the franchised moved from Los Angeles, will find a new home in for Las Vegas, Nevada.

For now, the team will continue to be called the Oakland Raiders and play its games at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum. The NFL could ask the Nevada Gaming Commission to take Raiders' games off the board, but I'm not sure Nevada would fall in line. The Raiders only need to be in demand for 10 days and Vegas will now be a huge destination for visiting team fans.

"Great for the Raiders in that they get $750M in direct public funding for stadium and $200M in infrastructure improvements around the new stadium".

L.A. DREAMING: Despite winning two world championships in five years in Oakland, Davis, now the team's owner, had his sights set on Los Angeles.

Despite the fact the Raiders have left Oakland before - for Los Angeles in 1982 before returning in 1995 - the move remains deeply unpopular within a fanbase widely regarded as one of the most passionate in the league.

The Raiders have financing for the proposed $1.9 billion stadium in Las Vegas through Bank of America. Hockey has already been present in Vegas, with the ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers calling the city home for a number of seasons. "We are not kicking our A's out of town", Schaaf said.