Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants with No Criminal Records Double

Tuesday, 18 Apr, 2017

Arrests of illegal immigrants have spiked in the first three months of President Donald Trump's administration, signaling that Trump intends to make good on immigration-related campaign promises.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that the total, from January 20 through mid-March, jumped 32.6 percent from the same period one year ago, when there were more than 16,000 arrests. From January to mid-March, the number of arrests was at 21,362, in sharp contrast to that same time period previous year, where the number was 16,104. He also noted that from FY 2012-16, between 41 and 45 percent of undocumented immigrants removed from the US had no prior criminal convictions.

According to Sacchetti, the ICE office credited with arresting the most immigrants with no criminal record is in Atlanta, with close to 700 arrests, a startling uptick from last year's 137 arrests.

But Elzea also emphasized that ICE "focuses its enforcement resources on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security". He instructed U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to prioritize the removal of illegal aliens with criminal records, but made clear that the executive branch intends to execute U.S. immigration laws "against all removable aliens". "‶The federal government, in really just a couple of months, has undone decades of work that we have done to build this trust".

"ICE immigration arrests of noncriminals double under Trump", the headline stated.

Advocates for immigrants say the unbridled enforcement has led to a sharp drop in reports from Latinos of sexual assaults and other crimes in Houston and Los Angeles, and terrified immigrant communities across the United States.

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Overall, deportations were down by 1.2 per cent, to 54,741 in January, February and March, compared to the same period a year ago.

In the first six years of the Obama administration, the former president was accused by liberals of deporting undocumented immigrants too aggressively, but Obama sought to show he was enforcing immigration laws as he and lawmakers pursued a comprehensive immigration reform deal in Congress.

However, some of the indignation may be more political than professional. It also arrested more roughly 2,000 more noncriminal immigrants than Trump's administration during that time.

"It's all got to do with the president", the Republican mayor said.

"Ithink the instruction is, 'Go about your business in terms of apprehending immigrants", said Joanne Lin, senior legislative counsel with the ACLU.