Hacker group releases password to alleged NSA files

Tuesday, 11 Apr, 2017

The mysterious Shadow Brothers hacking group has released a range of previously top secret National Security Agency hacking tools, ostensibly in response to the Trump administration's decision to bomb Syria. Those systems are included in the master archive that the Shadow Brokers provided the key for on Saturday, but there are many more that were not in the teaser dump. Trump said the chemical attack had been launched from the airfield. The CIA has not confirmed the authenticity of the leak. Some experts have suggested that the group may have links with the Russian government. It does not appear to contain the entire archive of Equation Group tools. Operating in the United States is against the CIA's charter, and Symantec said it believed the infection was unintentional. This is consistent with the NSA's practice of hacking anything and everything.

After the reveal, the security researchers have started looking into the files.

Some tools released allow the NSA to penetrate deep into the infrastructure of a telecommunications firm and collect call data on large numbers of phone numbers, a computer researcher who works under the name x0rz told Foreign Policy.

The NSA has not commented on the hacker group or the material that was released over the weekend. Now, in protest against Donald Trump, the group has released the password for the encrypted data.

Respectfully, what the fuck are you doing?

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The post on Medium takes the form of a letter to President Trump, saying that TheShadowBrokers voted for the billionaire but subsequently became disappointed in what he has done.

In August 2016, Shadow Brokers claimed that it penetrated the NSA and made off with "cyberweapons" worth more than $500m. Another viewpoint is that Shadow Brokers is an NSA insider leaking tools out of the organisation. Still others believe that it is the project of an American adversary, perhaps Russian Federation. After that failed, the group posted a "farewell message" in January and leaked a new set of Windows-related vulnerabilities. Publishing hacking tools allows a defender to block and render them ineffective.

In August the group posted NSA hacking tools created to bypass corporate firewalls by exploiting hardware sold by Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

The files released by the Shadow Brokers group have been uploaded to Github.