Instagram for Android gains offline mode

Sunday, 23 Apr, 2017

Instagram on Android is getting (already has?) an offline mode. The feature will help the apps' 600 million users, 80 percent of who are located outside the USA get a better experience with limited data connectivity and data plans. As announced at Facebook's F8 conference earlier this week, Instagram is gaining offline functionality.

Offline users will also be able to leave comments, save content, Like posts, and even unfollow people. It also supports to create a store which implements PendingActionStore Interface, Manager and PendingAction. The offer is not ended yet as this offline feature will allow the users to see the images as well as the videos that have already been saved on their feeds.

Content that previously showed "loading" on the app screen when the device was offline will now be visible to users, according Instagram engineer Hendri.

Most of us can get online all day, every day, but from time to time our travels can lead to some spotty internet connections or circumstances with no connection at all.

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In upcoming Instagram Update, the company will bring some new features for its users.

Instagram is going offline, but don't worry, this is a feature, not a flaw. This means posts and comments can be made when browsing the app but they will only be uploaded when there is a data connection - either through mobile networks or Wi-Fi. Instagram said that it's going to improve its advertising services to help businesses in converting sales. Unfortunately, you probably can't use it yet.

The freedom to use Instagram when offline will be helpful for users in countries such as India, where despite the presence of 4G, internet connection is often inconsistent.