May called for snap vote to avoid criminal prosecutions: Sturgeon

Wednesday, 26 Apr, 2017

Ms Sturgeon is due to address the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) in Aviemore on Monday.

She will also criticise the Tories at Westminster over their "refusal to take European Union nationals off the table as bargaining chips", and will add: "That's why I'm proud that Labour's shadow Brexit seretary, Keir Starmer, made absolutely clear that we would unilaterally guarantee the rights of European Union migrants on day one of a Labour Government". And now the Tory hard-liners want to take over the country.

Imagine how thick you'd have to be in order to swallow this self-contradictory and brazenly misleading drivel from the Scottish Tories, especially in light of the appalling track record the Tories have in Scotland.

"Scotland now faces the prospect of paying a high price for a hard-right Tory government for years to come at Westminster as well as a rock-hard Brexit".

"And it will be those least able to pay that price who will bear the biggest burden". "MPs in constituencies visited by the battlebus would have no reason to consider whether it should be included in their local return; they were directed that the bus would be visiting as part of [Conservative HQ] national spending", she said.

According to a new Kantar poll, among 1,060 adults interviewed 26 percent said they agreed an independence referendum should be held, while 18 percent thought the vote should take place later and 46 percent of respondents thought there should be no vote at all.

The Trussel Trust highlighted that food bank growth is twice as high in areas of the United Kingdom that have seen the full roll-out of Universal Credit, a flagship Tory benefits policy which critics say will curb benefits for many and has faced problems with implementation, with thousands of recipients falling into debt and rent arrears due to payments being stalled by up to 42 days.

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She argued that too many "hardline" Conservatives saw Brexit as a means to "a low-tax, low-wage, low-regulation UK".

Ms Dugdale will warn both these scenarios would lead to "job losses and even more austerity than we're already facing".

"With a large majority of hard-line Tories, our social security system that so many depend upon will never have been in greater danger".

A Conservative party spokeswoman said Sturgeon's claims, linked to expenses costs for its 2015 election battlebus, were misplaced and ill-founded.

Last night, a Scottish Conservative source branded the claims "bizarre", adding: "Coming from the party leader who had to suspend two of her MPs in the last two years, her allegations of wrong-doing sound very thin indeed".

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: "Nicola Sturgeon has lost the plot".

"Her only priority on June 8 is finding an excuse for another divisive referendum, not kicking the Tories out of office".