Samsung, Amazon deliver HDR10+

Friday, 21 Apr, 2017

Samsung's partnership with Amazon Video is not unique.

HDR10 Plus incorporates dynamic metadata instead of the static meta data that are used in the old version of HDR10. Since this is an open standard that anyone can adopt, Samsung sees it as expanding dynamic metadata to low- and mid-priced 4K TVs. At Amazon, we are constantly innovating on behalf of customers and are thrilled to be the first streaming service provider to work with Samsung to make HDR10+ available on Prime Video globally later this year.

Samsung has announced that Amazon Video is the first content partner to deliver HDR10 Plus content to Samsung TVs, with content set to arrive on Amazon Prime later this year.

Dynamic metadata eliminates this effect, and allows the TV to adjust the brightness level on a scene-by-scene or frame-by-frame basis, meaning content can be shown just as the director intended. As a result, image quality may not be optimal in some scenes.

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All of Samsung's 2017 UHD TVs, including its premium QLED TV lineup, support HDR10+.

Samsung said the latest agreement centers on promoting what it calls the HDR 10 Plus technology, which is a development from the previous technology standard of HDR 10. The tech giant stated that the new standard comes in to supplement HDR10 shortcomings in which some movie pats appear darker that the creator of the content anticipated. Samsung has also partnered with YouTube and other companies that can deliver HDR content and integrate it into its products.

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