The Windows 10 Creators Update Is Finally Here; Download It Now!

Sunday, 16 Apr, 2017

You can upgrade the PC you're on to Windows 10 Creators Update, or create installation media for another PC.

After the criticism levelled at Microsoft due to the implementation of automatic updates in Windows 10, the Creators Update has improved the system.

Biometric authentication scheme called Windows Hello for Business now comes with support for organizations that cannot use exterior authentication services like Azure Active Directory.

Elsewhere, Microsoft Edge is being made more productive, with a new tab management feature that will make organising and finding saved tabs easier when browsing the web.

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The Pause Update button provides a momentary pause in the Windows 10 update schedule. Microsoft has finally started to roll out the much-awaited Windows 10 Creators Update as a free upgrade to customers around the world. You will also see the new expanded privacy settings questions that will now be available during an upgrade or a clean install. When the file finished downloading, Save and Run the "Windows10Upgrade9252.exe" file and click "Yes" in order to allow the app to make the necessary changes on the PC.

As noted here by Microsoft, the prompt is part of Microsoft's continuing commitment to privacy with Windows 10. The Creators Update adds new creativity-enhancing features that empower the creators and innovators. But take a note that the the update is rolling out in phases. Gammill told us that Microsoft plans to put "two years of continued investment" into Game Mode in an effort to make it an even better feature than what you're using on launch day.

You can set any time you like, but only up to six days in advance. Essentially this is Microsoft's competitor to Twitch and is also available on the Xbox One.

Once the notification appears, you can select Review settings, or you can postpone your review by selecting Remind me later. You can read about the other new additions here. Seeing how convenient this new method can be, reports suggest many users opting for it to complete the otherwise tedious process of setting up Windows.