Brad Pitt visits India to promote his Netflix release 'War Machine'

Friday, 26 May, 2017

The actor said Hastings was frustrated that his story became more about the "sensational dismissal" of the General rather than being a discussion on the system. However, there were slight hints that the actor may stop over in India after completing his Tokyo press tour. With Netflix keeping his visit confidential, Pitt managed to evade the airport shutterbugs.

But don't expect Pitt to dance into a Bollywood musical anytime soon. "I wouldn't make it in Bollywood, I can't dance", Pitt told Shah Rukh Khan, to which the Raees star responded: "We can make anyone dance", adding that how easy it's to dance.

When asked if he will be interested to be a part of a Bollywood feature, the actor said, "I would never make it in Bollywood because I can't dance". SRK recollected about the time shooting for his film Baadshah when it took him up to 4 days to master the song sequences. He said while he was good with one hand, another person's hands had to be fitted in the film.

Brad Pitt arrived in India on 24th May and has been staying at the Trident Hotel in South Mumbai. SRK replied, "Nor can I, someone else does from behind me".

Pitt, who also attended MAMI screening of the film here on Wednesday, says he cemented his position in showbiz luck after surviving his mistakes. The language barrier is no longer there. We need to understand the language that Hollywood or western cinema speak, and not change what we are presenting... "Somehow we have to get technology in". "It just can't support risky films like this, of this budget certainly", he said.

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Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt was in Mumbai last night at the premiere of his new film War Machine.

One of the questions that Shah Rukh Khan was asked by mediator Rajeev Masand, was how he has managed to avoid being self-absorbed after becoming the badshah of Bollywood. "That's when I became a fan of Brad Pitt", reports HT.

Starting his career from small screen with series Fauji in the late 1980s, Shah Rukh entered Bollywood with Deewana in 1992, and there was no looking back.

"That was insanity", said Pitt about Twelve Monkeys, "I just locked myself in a room for a couple of weeks to see how insane we can get".

There were instances where Brad Pitt was seen giving insights about his movies. Pitt was most comfortable while discussing his new movie and talking about the excitement he feels picking a new project, shepherding new directors.