CBO score on House health care bill: Here's why it matters

Thursday, 25 May, 2017

In contrast, the recently passed American Health Care Act, McMorris Rodgers stated, would provide coverage for her son, who has Down syndrome.

According to the findings from Policy Matters Ohio, private health-care sector jobs in the Buckeye State rose from about 11 percent to almost 15 percent between 2000 and 2015. "Using very callous tactics, Donald Trump is making it clear that he will not defend the critical subsidies that make health care accessible for millions of American families", said Attorney General Becerra. That could lead more consumers to buy policies, many of whom would be eligible for federal government tax credits available under the AHCA.

The Congressional Budget Office, the non-partisan scoring agency, will announce its much-anticipated update on the American Health Care Act Wednesday afternoon. Both concluded that the legislation would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 24 million over a decade, a mammoth number that contributed to GOP defections that thwarted House passage until they narrowly approved revised legislation this month.

Six states - Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Montana and New Hampshire _ operate their Medicaid expansion programs through federal waivers, a system that allows them more flexibility to create policies designed to promote financial responsibility among enrollees.

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"While there is serious concern about the numbers in this study, I think that's moderated a bit by the belief that this is not the bill that's going to end up coming out of the Congress" said Chris Geehern, executive vice president at Associated Industries of MA. The work requirement provision will then ensure that Medicaid helps move Americans up the income ladder, rather than locking them into poverty through fear of losing health coverage.

One reason why many people in West Virginia can not expect to live as long as people in other parts of the country is because we have elected officials who consistently vote for wealthy special interests, instead of for what is best for the health and well-being of everyday West Virginians. "They also would force us to cut services and eliminate jobs". But the loss of this protection is the part of AHCA that Larson called the most "painful", as the bill reduces funding for pre-existing conditions by $130 billion. So that, today, if you travel from Marin County, California, to McDowell County, West Virginia, life expectancy drops 14 years. States could also gain permission for insurers to charge older customers far higher premiums. He referred to a 2009 study by the state Department of Health that showed a single payer system would provide the lowest cost for universal coverage compared with private and employer-based insurance. In Washington state, the projected AHCA cuts to Medicaid over the next decade would be $20 billion.

After all, the Democrats want to uphold Obama's legacy and protect the ACA, whereas Republicans want to capitalize on the promises they made to their constituents to overturn it. So, while Trump may be focusing on repealing Obamacare, it is obvious that the replacement he has proposed lacks in more ways than one, and therefore, before criticizing Obamacare, he should tend to the holes in his own proposed health care plan.

A majority of Americans (51%), feel that mental health should be covered by all types of insurance, including individually-purchased health insurance, by insurance purchased through the Health Care Exchange or Marketplace, Medicaid and Medicare and other government provided sources (such as veteran's benefits).