Niantic tease new "Legendary" summer update

Tuesday, 23 May, 2017

As Pokemon GO Hub also points out, this may be a marketing tactic and not simply a slip of the tongue. During the ceremony, Archit Bhargava accepted five Webby Awards on behalf of Niantic for their work in creating last year's biggest mobile hit.

During Bhargava's "five word speech", he stated that "this summer will be legendary".

For months, people associated with Pokemon Go have hinted that Legendary Pokemon will be coming to the game sometime in 2017.

Meanwhile, Niantic has heeded the call of the "Pokemon GO" player base as they are contemplating on making tweaks within the mobile app's so-called move sets, Express reported.

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As from the previous updates about the game, we know that the Pokemon Go is going to offer a new Co-op Multiplayer gameplay. Latest gaming speculations indicated that Legendary Pokemon creatures such as Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos might soon be added to the said game's Pokedex. The start of summer is approaching even faster, it's right after E3 on June 20th.

Since then, Niantic's gone largely dark in discussing the prospect of bringing the one of a kind 'Mons to Pokemon GO's shores, but today we get another tantalizing tease. Recent rumors suggests that the next major Pokemon GO update will focus on gyms so the wait for legendaries may not be too excruciating. So if legendary Pokemon are finally coming to the game, many will be ecstatic. That gives players a full week to increase the amount of rock-type Pokemon they have. There should be a goal that groups of players must work towards in order to be awarded a special monster.

So while other features are still unclear in terms of their release, it seems that as far as legendary Pokemon are concerned, this summer could be it!