US House approves bill to repeal Affordable Care Act

Saturday, 06 May, 2017

No-one believes things will have improved drastically for the most vulnerable of Americans.

The CBO's "score" of the original bill estimated that 24 million more Americans would become uninsured by 2026 than would be the case if Obamacare remained in place, and that individual premiums would be about 15 to 20 percent higher in the first two years of the bill becoming law.

The amended bill is the second attempt House Republicans have made to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act this year. But before Obamacare, there was literally nothing holding insurance companies back.

The celebration was on Thursday afternoon after the passage of the House's health care bill.

The health care industry is the second largest employer in Thompson's district, Short said.

Eyeing a victory, a jubilant Trump tweeted during the vote that, if successful, Republicans would gather for "big press conference at the lovely Rose Garden of the White House" immediately afterwards.

Bruce Rauner called the passage of the American Health Care Act in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday "of deep concern", policy makers and health care groups in IL are sounding the alarm on changes they say will eliminate coverage for hundreds of thousands of people who rely on Medicaid and private health insurance plans.

Senators know they have to come up with an alternative that will help, not hurt, the American people.

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Members of the House moved to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act on Thursday. He has spoken more about blasting Obamacare than selling his own legislation, barely bringing up the new plan at a rally last Saturday night, and only at the very end of his speech.

"The Illinois Congressmen who voted to repeal health care today ignored clear warnings from every Illinois medical organization that this will be a disaster for our state".

The AHCA also bars tax credits from being used on any state plan that mandates abortion coverage - meaning NY residents would not qualify.

His Vermont colleague, Senator Patrick Leahy, said the House of Representatives had advanced a "cruel" and "cynical" bill intended "to give a massive tax cut to the wealthiest Americans, in the guise of a health care plan".

States can also choose to allow insurers to charge higher rates for people with pre-existing conditions, but only if the states set up high risk pools to help with the costs.

That is if states were to allocate all the other funds in the Patient and State Stability Fund ($100 billion) toward providing insurance for people with pre-existing condition plus the $23 billion funding allocated in the legislation ($123 billion total). A new amendment provides an extra $8 billion to subsidise the cost of insuring those with pre-existing conditions.

Yet now that the Republicans control Congress, they haven't learned from this history at all. With such a waiver, the Journal reported, "states could be freed from a regulation mandating that they cover 10 specific types of health services, including maternity care, prescription drugs, mental health treatment, and hospitalization".