Cosby alternate juror 'probably' would have convicted

Tuesday, 20 Jun, 2017

Cosby and his publicity team emerged triumphant from the courthouse on Saturday. However, it is somewhat disappointing that he chose to mention the Cosby case and fail to focus on what many find to be most problematic about the mistrial.

Lawyer Dolores Troiani, who represented accuser Andrea Constand, walks outside the Montgomery County Courthouse after Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial, Saturday, June 17, 2017, in Norristown, Pa. Cosby's trial ended without a verdict after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision.

The Jury deliberated for more than 52 hours over six days before informing Judge O'Neill they were hopelessly deadlocked.

Sixty women have accused comedian Bill Cosby of rape, assault, and other sexual violence. Cosby's trial ended without a verdict. Mistrial declared in Cosby trial according to judgeBaker-Kinney checked her phone right away Saturday morning wanting to know what jurors decided in Cosby's trial.

Cosby, the actor and comedian known as "America's Dad", turns 80 next month facing just that ordeal.

However, the Montgomery County DA tweeted minutes after the announcement that they would pick a new jury and try again. The prosecution could also seek to appeal Judge Steven O'Neill's ruling to exclude testimony from a dozen women who claim Cosby sexually assaulted them.

"She's a very spiritual woman, she believes things happen for a goal, and I think the objective should encourage other women to come forward and have their day in court", said her lawyer, Dolores Troiani. Media outlets scrambled to speak to women who alleged he had abused them; 35 of them posed for the cover of NY magazine. And Steele on Sunday denied a media report that Cosby had ever been offered a plea deal. And a federal judge dismissed a ninth accuser's case, finding her complaint inadequate. He had earlier made the Cosby case an election issue.

The jurors clearly struggled with their verdict, telling Judge Steven O'Neill on Thursday they were at impasse.

Criminal law professor Jody Armour wonders if the bitter divide over social issues that is evident in American politics was at work in the jury room. We can now wonder if a lot of those kinds of attitudes were at play in.

Bill Cosby favoured to walk after retrial, but new jury may be more eager to convict
Cosby retrial could favor defense though publicity a wild card

Cosby also said he gave Constand three half-tablets of the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl to help her relax before what he insisted was a consensual sexual encounter at his home.

He said the jurors were completely mum on what caused the mistrial on the bus ride back to the hotel near the Norristown courthouse. "It's an old case, it's a controversial case, it's a case that involves questions of consent", said professor Laurie Levenson, of Loyola Law School.

It has been reported that he was confident that he would get a hung jury, saying they only needed to sway a single holdout.

Before going on trial, Cosby expressed hope he could eventually resume his career.

But it's a Catch-22 to say that years ago, we would never have taken that case, and now that we might, it happened too long ago for us to even consider it.

The investigation into whether the Trump Administration colluded with Russia to interfere with the election is coming at a time when Russia is ramping up there efforts to destabilize the U.S. Russian hackers didn't just infiltrate the email system of the Democratic National Committee. "Do they want to save Cosby, or do what the first jury couldn't do, which was convict him?"

Janice Dickinson, the former fashion model and actress, has also filed a defamation suit against Cosby in California. With the criminal case now set for a retrial, it appears that the MA civil case will be pushed back. The discovery in those cases is underway, but his deposition testimony will remain on hold until the retrial in the criminal case.

He remains free on $1 million bail, still charged with three counts of felony sexual assault.

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