Girl kicked out of soccer tournament for looking like a boy

Tuesday, 06 Jun, 2017

Mili Hernandez likes to wear her hair short because it's her hair and she can do that.

Before kickoff Sunday, Mili and her Azzurri Cachorros teammates learned organizers of the Springfield Soccer Club girls tournament were denying them a chance at the title due to their doubts over whether Mili is a girl.

That last point became an issue this weekend when Mili's all-girl team was disqualified from a soccer tournament in Springfield, Nebraska. "They said the president made his decision and there wasn't any changing that".

"I told her people makes mistakes", he said.

Except the team set to face hers at the tournament made a decision to go for some major league baloney, and asked Hernandez's team to be disqualified because they believed she was a boy. Her parents even attempted to remedy the situation by producing Mili's insurance card.

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"They didn't want to listen", Mili's brother, Cruz Hernandez, said.

Mili's dad Gerardo Hernandez told the news station that his offspring "was in shock", and that "s$3 he was crying after they told us". He said her full first name is Milagros and that Mili is a nickname she's had since she was a baby. Instead, she was forced to answer questions about her hairstyle and gender, which shockingly disqualified her team.

Though the Sarpy Acitivites Program doesn't really think Mili is a boy, Bianco said listing a male player on a girl's team roster is a violation of State Soccer Association and tournament rules. Springfield soccer organizers insisted Mili was a boy. "She's been playing so long in different tournaments", he told The Post.

You can't really take back what's already happened, but hopefully Hernandez gets to hook up with some USWNT legends and she won't have to go through such a terrible incident ever again.