Gov. Rauner Not Surprised At Bond Rating Drop

Sunday, 04 Jun, 2017

With billions of dollars in unpaid bills, unfunded pension liabilities and a severe budget problem, the state of IL is facing significant financial trouble if lawmakers don't agree on a spending bill by Wednesday, experts warn.

An education appropriations committee voted 13-7 Tuesday to advance Homewood Democratic Rep. William Davis' proposal to the floor for Wednesday's final scheduled day of the spring legislative session.

Sponsors, along with a wide network of education advocates and school associations, say the proposal would help ensure all students in IL receive a quality education regardless of where they live.

IL has the nation's widest spending gap between low- and high-income school districts.

House Speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago says Democrats in his chamber will work with the GOP during June to approve a balanced budget.

"This session the budget negotiations started in the wrong place", McConchie said.

Rauner demanded cost-cutting changes to workers' compensation laws, which he says are needed to lure businesses to IL.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has pushed for the sale of the 16-story Helmut Jahn-designed building, saying there's roughly $326 million in deferred maintenance as a waste of taxpayer money.

"With today's passage of a local government consolidation package negotiated by Governor Rauner, House Democrats have again advanced legislation directly addressing the governor's pre-conditions to negotiating a budget".

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Knowing the Governor Rauner would veto a budget that included tax increases, House Democrats left town without voting on a Senate-passed budget. Months ago, the Senate was very close to passing a budget with Republican support but Democrats said the governor killed it at the last minute. If I could vote in every district of the state, I would vote against every one of you.

"When we're on a good path - a good path- - to change the system, there's no need for different answers", Rauner said when asked why he's stuck with the same talking points as the budget crisis has dragged on.

One would make it easier for transgender and intersex people to change the gender marker on their IL birth certificates.

Dr. Alfred Klinger, another member of the inaugural group and a retired physician, celebrated his 91st birthday during the march.

While the text of the bill is not entirely clear, it appears to exempt from the 20 percent tax certain partners or shareholders of businesses primarily engaged in real estate investment.

Frustrated Senate Democrats said they had acted responsibly in moving budget bills over to the House.

Kelly said that hurt a lot of downstate schools specifically because we just don't have the property tax base from which to pull funding like they have in the suburban collar counties near Chicago. "So, I'm willing to continue to work", Senate President John Cullerton said. The Republican has said he'd support a minimum wage increase in conjunction with other regulatory changes.

Rauner said Democratic leaders' failure to pass a budget is a "dereliction of duty".