Lonzo Ball showed poor conditioning in Lakers workout

Tuesday, 13 Jun, 2017

If Ball is the Lakers' top choice at No. 2 overall, they aren't going to pass on him simply because he looked exhausted after running through drills. "They have a leader".

And while Lonzo Ball has shown the ability to score the ball, his greatest strength is in the role of playmaker which is a role he won't be able to star in that much with the Celtics courtesy of two-time All-Star Isaiah Thomas. He points to the Lakers as the likely suspect due to the fact that Jackson just worked out for them, and he's yet to make his way to Philadelphia for a visit.

In a recent appearance on the CSN CelticsTalk Podcast with Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely, LaVar Ball said he feels the Celtics have no room for his son because they already have an established leader in Isaiah Thomas. They need a point guard.

Macron confirms third French victim in London attack
The 21-year-old worked as a nanny in London and had previously been described as missing after the attacks Saturday night. Alexandre Pigeard (27), was among those killed, the French embassy confirmed. "I saw the hate in his eyes", she said.

And Lavar Ball reiterated what most draft experts and league executives believe will happen on June 22nd, which is that the Celtics will select Markelle Fultz with the number one overall pick. One word of advice from someone that's seen Dominique Wilkins hustle ball boys at Philips Arena for years, is don't ever think that just because a former National Basketball Association legend isn't in as good of shape as they once were or because they're wearing a suit that they can't beat you in a quick game of HORSE and take your money. "It's just being realistic".

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been many NBA Draft rumors involving the Los Angeles Lakers. "I'm young. They're young".

It would appear Lonzo learned everything he knows about watching what he says from his dad. Ball admitted to media that the drills exhausted him out, but I wouldn't read too much into that considering it was, you know, a workout. I see they like to run.