Mayors to Trump: We'll enforce Paris accord without you

Sunday, 04 Jun, 2017

New Bedford (MA) Mayor Jon Mitchell, Conference Energy Committee Chair, said "New Bedford (MA) Mayor Jon Mitchell, Conference Energy Committee Chair, said "History will judge the President harshly on this decision". "And that's not likely to change fundamentals very much at all".

Paris agreement was signed in 2015 to fight rising global temperature by cutting down carbon emission. He also belonged to Trump's manufacturing jobs council.

"He's going to be able to credibly say in the midterms that he pulled out of it and kept his promise", said Republican political strategist Matt Mackowiak.

"China wants to present itself as a responsible global power and simultaneously initiate the beginning of the end of the American epoch", the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung commented.

"Brexit especially traumatized them and there was a real worry that Europe would explode so Macron's victory has provided a boost", the diplomat said.

"With the withdrawal from the climate accord", Spiegel Online concluded, the United States was leaving open "large business prospects for other countries: renewable energy".

Konisky acknowledged certain communities, such as those where large numbers of people work in the coal industry, would likely see economic hardships in the short term under the climate accord. The solar energy industry employs more than twice as many people as coal energy - and the divide keeps growing.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Both leaders said they wouldn't renegotiate the deal, as President Trump said he was prepared to do.

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Still, not all was rosy for Netanyahu or his supporters, or for mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, who sat in the front row. Palestinians staged a general strike Monday in support of the prisoners.

We will put some of the facts and claims behind climate change into context right after the news summary. While researchers projected the U.S. will fail its climate goal, former Mayor Bloomberg said in a letter to the United Nations that he believes his coalition will help the USA achieve its reduction target.

"President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement goes against the interests of Philadelphians".

The need of the hour is to deliberate on what kind of message a dealmaker like Trump wishes to convey to the worldwide audience - when the US's relationship with the European Union, commitment towards global problems and dissent back home are under the scanner. We will buy and create more demand for electric cars and trucks.

Trump offered no details about how, or when, a formal withdrawal would happen. Underlining India's commitment to protect nature, Prime Minister Modi said:"For the last 5000 years, even when I was not born, it has been the tradition in India to protect the environment". He said he would consider re-entry if the USA could get a better deal. But everyone knows that U.S. is too powerful an entity to be ignored. Now, Exxon and others are gearing up to export more liquefied natural gas. "The study results are not a benefit-cost analysis of climate change", it explains.

"The outlook for US energy production will be determined far more by market conditions, like the price of oil and gas, than by scrapping the Obama-era environmental regulations", Bordoff said.

The governor of Hawaii has also pledged to continue concrete steps to implement the Paris accord, while governors of Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon and Virginia committed to clean air and clean energy. Airlines have been spending billions on new, more fuel-efficient planes - fuel is an airline's second-biggest expense after labor.

"He was elected on a posture, an ideology of 'alone against everyone.' We expected it, we had some important signals with the calling into question of (former U.S. President Barack) Obama's 2015 Clean Power Plan with the relaunch of construction of the pipeline, with the cut in the federal budget for worldwide development aid", she said.

Whatever the industry, companies will be reluctant to change plans based exclusively on the withdrawal from the climate agreement because the pendulum could swing back.