POTUS Should Tweet Less — Survey Says

Thursday, 08 Jun, 2017

The Knight First Amendment Institute said in its letter that the blocking suppressed speech in a public forum protected by the Constitution.

Numerous people who have been blocked by Trump have gathered together under #BlockedByTrump. Can he then block users? The cyclist, Joe Papp, responded to the president's weekly address by asking why he hadn't attended a rally by supporters and adding, with a hashtag, "fakeleader".

The institute argues that as more public officials use Twitter and other forms of social media in an official capacity, the courts will need to decide "the new contours of First Amendment protection".

"This is true even if the space in question is "metaphysical" rather than physical; even if the space is privately rather than publicly owned; and 'even when the limited public forum is one of the government's own creation'".

Some people who have been banned by Trump's account are being represented by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University in NY. Indeed, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday that Trump's tweets are "considered official statements by the president".

"That could be a winning argument", Magarian said.

Normally, a user blocking another on Twitter is no big deal.

President Trump, known for his high profile and often incoherent Twitter ramblings, is now facing backlash from a free speech institute after he blocked a number of accounts that were critical of him.

The key issue is ensuring citizens are not kept out due to their viewpoints or what they have to he said. The Brennan Center for Justice, a liberal legal think tank, sounded this alarm Monday, warning that Trump's "troubling pattern of attacking judges and the courts for rulings he disagrees with. threatens our entire system of government".

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They cited the case of Holly O'Reilly, who tweets under the handle @aynrandpaulryan, who was blocked on May 28 after she posted a GIF captioned, "This is pretty much how the whole world sees you". You can yell, but that doesn't mean the target of your ire has to listen to your abuse.

In a Twitterverse full of trolls, the block button has been an important part of maintaining a healthy online existence.

"Twitter certainly doesn't want to be a public forum", Overing said.

The letter is directed at the @RealDonaldTrump account, but lawyers say it applies to the @POTUS account as well.

The Knight First Amendment Institute says it is different, or at least that it should be.

Still, the letter wasn't all criticisms: The Knight Institute praised the president for his use of the social medium to communicate with the public.

The findings, which echo those of an April survey of millennials, came as the president faced pushback over his tweeting from Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina. "Think about the L.A. Times having no editorial control over their content because it is a public forum".

Abdo said he isnt aware of another case involving a public official blocking his or her constituents on Twitter. You don't have unlimited free speech rights when you're on private property: The owner of the house gets to make the rules, and that goes for digital private property too.