Putin: 'Don't worry, be happy' as Trump ditches climate deal

Sunday, 04 Jun, 2017

Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has, of course, denied any and all involvement by his government in any attempts to influence elections in the United States and Europe, but he did concede to a group of media folks that patriotic Russian hackers may have acted on their own. "A stupid man who can't do anything right would blame everything on the Jews".

When asked about ongoing investigations into the Kremlin's ties to Trump's presidential campaign and current members of his administration, Putin said it was "just some kind of hysteria" and told Kelly "someone needs to give you a pill or something!"

Putin also said that Trump's promise to negotiate new conditions for the USA leaves hope for reaching a compromise before the Paris deal takes effect, adding that US participation is essential for the success of global efforts.

During a meeting Thursday with editors of worldwide news agencies, Putin nevertheless rejected allegations that the Russian state had meddled in the USA or French elections.

When pressed on what he made of USA intelligence officials suggesting that he had personally issued orders for hackers to smear the campaign of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Putin demurred.

Strong, swift UN reaction to Trump on climate
That option would be much quicker, taking only a year, but would be a more drastic move from the Trump administration. President Donald Trump against his country's withdrawl from the Paris Accord on climate change .

Putin and other top Russian officials have routinely dismissed as Russophobia all USA claims about Moscow's involvement in the election, and blame the furor over Russian interference for what both sides characterize as the low point in their post-Soviet relations.

"This is a transferral, I repeat, of internal political squabbling in the United States onto the global arena", he said.

"What else is the ambassador supposed to do?"

Switching to English, Putin added: "Don't worry, be happy". "They can be in Russian Federation, in Asia... even in America, Latin America".