Saudi Arabia says no blockade of Qatar

Wednesday, 14 Jun, 2017

Qatar denies the allegations, but its ties to Iran and embrace of various Islamist groups have put the country under intense scrutiny. "The ports are open, the airports are open", Jubeir said, appearing alongside a silent Tillerson.

Khamenei's comments come as tensions in the Middle East are among their highest in years, following the cutting of ties between major regional powers led by Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, which has been accused of supporting terrorism in the region. However, after Qatar was ostracised by the Gulf nations, the things have changed.

"Taking action to isolate a country in all areas is inhumane and un-Islamic", Erdogan said in televised comments to his party in Ankara, after Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain broke off relations with Qatar on June 5, accusing it of supporting terrorism.

He said the Saudi King, as the elder statesman in the Gulf region, should take the lead to resolve the crisis.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who is now in the Gulf for a series of meetings, on Monday "urged all sides (to) refrain from any further escalation and to engage in mediation efforts". Qatar "must take decisive action to deal once and for all with its extremist problem - to shut down this funding, stop interfering in its neighbors' internal affairs, and end its media incitement and radicalization", he wrote.

Al-Udeid, the largest U.S. airbase in the Middle East, is in Qatar and is a key facility in the fight against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. The United Arab Emirates and Qatar have always been major proponents of open-skies policies, which remove restrictions on flying between states.

"These doesn't have any base, any logic to it", he said.

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Saudi Arabia and Iran have clashed over several issues, including Iran's nuclear program and what Saudis see as Tehran's growing influence in the region - especially in Syria, Lebanon and neighboring Yemen.

Sheikh Mohammed's courting of Europe-he has also visited Germany and Russian Federation in recent days-though did not go down well in parts of the Gulf.

"There is no more trust", he said, adding, "it is time for cooler heads to restructure Qatar's approach on foreign policy".

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has blamed the United States for creating ISIS and fostering instability in the Middle East amid an ongoing crisis in the region.

In Doha, Qatar Airways called on the U.N.'s aviation body to declare the Gulf boycott against the carrier "illegal" and a violation of a 1944 convention on worldwide air transport. Riyadh closed the Qatari peninsula's only land border, threatening the import of both fresh food and raw materials needed to complete a $200bn infrastructure project for the 2022 football World Cup.

Erdogan is also due to discuss the dispute with U.S. President Donald Trump in coming days, Turkey's foreign minister said earlier on Tuesday.

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