Trump '100%' willing to testify on Comey

Monday, 12 Jun, 2017

The hearing unfolded amid intense political interest, and within a remarkable political context as Comey delivered detrimental testimony about the president who fired him, a president who won election only after Comey damaged his opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the final days of the campaign.

"We also were aware of facts that I can't discuss in an open setting that would make his continued engagement in a Russia-related investigation problematic", Comey said.

Beginning on May 10, we have written about whether President Donald Trump engaged in an obstruction of justice in pressuring and firing James Comey.

Trump appears to be using two parallel arguments: I didn't tell Comey to back off Flynn. "I mean, I will tell you, I didn't say that", Trump replied.

"There would be nothing wrong if I did say that, according to everybody that I've read today", he added.

"Everybody was looking forward to the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director testifying about all the juicy details of his meetings with Donald Trump because remember, Comey wrote everything down and all his memos are going to be collected in his new children's book James and the Guilty Orange", joked Colbert.

"Frankly, James Comey confirmed a lot of what I said - and some of the things that he said just weren't true", Trump said in his first on-camera remarks following Comey's testimony. "Who would do that?"

Mr Comey arranged the leak on May 15th after he was sacked and after the May 3rd hearing so it would not be in direct conflict with that testimony.

Trump has begrudgingly accepted the US intelligence assessment that Russian Federation interfered with the election.

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Comey explained why he felt compelled to write detailed memos following his one-on-one meetings with the president, a practice he did not maintain during the three-and-a-half years he worked for Barack Obama. As months passed, however, Comey said he realized he was sacked "in some way to change, or the endeavor was to change, the way the Russian Federation investigation was being conducted".

Collins, a member of the Senate intelligence committee, which is investigating Russia's interference in the 2016 election, said Comey's motivation "may have been a good one".

Comey admitted in his sworn testimony that he had asked a friend to leak notes he kept detailing his meetings with Trump to a reporter.

Several reporters shouted follow-up questions on the existence of the tapes after Trump's non-answer. I'll tell you about it over a very short period of time.

Trump, however, insisted that he never asked Comey for his loyalty, as Comey stated under oath in his congressional testimony.

A US president is given a wide array of immunities from criminal prosecutions. A president can be charged after leaving office.

He portrayed Trump as a chief executive dismissive of the FBI's independence and made clear that he interpreted Trump's request to end an investigation into his former national security adviser as an order coming from the president.

Trump was scheduled to face the media later Friday at a joint press conference with the visiting president of Romania.

In his testimony, Comey said that after he was sacked and Trump's May 12 tweet, he gave the memos to Richman with the intent that they be leaked to the media.