Elon Musk Gets 'Approval' for NY to DC Hyperloop

Friday, 21 Jul, 2017

Elon Musk just casually announced on Twitter that he received "verbal government approval" for The Boring Company, his new tunnel boring startup, to build an underground Hyperloop system connecting NY city, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC.

Musk said a trip from NY to Washington, which now takes about three hours by train, would take just 29 minutes under his plan. As this plan was made public on a social networking platform that limits individual missives to 140 characters (Twitter, of course), details are understandably sparse. The White House told Bloomberg that the administration has had "promising conversations to date" with Musk and other The Boring Company executives.

President Donald Trump in March met with Musk, who raised the Boring Company idea then, White House officials said.

The marrying of the two companies for a project among the East Coast's biggest cities means the world is closer to Musk's dreams of making transportation significantly more practical, efficient and sustainable.

The Hyperloop, meanwhile, is another Musk moonshot.

While we await answers, here are the few facts we do know. One of his follow-up tweets reveals that the next Hyperloop would likely be an L.A-San Francisco track, and maybe even a Texas loop (Dallas-Houston-San Antonio-Austin).

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"This is news to City Hall", tweeted Eric Phillips, a spokesman for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, in response to Musk's tweets.

Hyperloop mass-transit systems would move passengers at hundreds of miles an hour through pressurized tubes in electric-powered pods.

For what it's worth, Musk was in Washington this week to speak to the International Space Station Research and Development Conference.

Musk also said today that another one of his ventures, The Boring Company, could aid in Mars colonization as well.