Firefighters Resuscitate Dog After Rescuing It From A Fire

Sunday, 23 Jul, 2017

The Bakersfield Fire Department in California, USA, rescued a pet dog from a house fire yesterday and earned all of the Internet's love and praise.

The dog appeared lifeless until Matt Smith put a pet oxygen mask - kindly donated by a local Girl Scout troop - over Jack and rubbed his belly.

Bakersfield Fire Department Battalion Chief John Frando told KGET News the dog was suffering from smoke inhalation.

The firefighters' good deed paid off as the dog came to on camera, panting heavily but alert.

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After searching inside, firefighters pulled Jack from the house and laid him in the front garden. Jack suffered some burns to his feet and respiratory tract injuries.

An animal oxygen mask was put on the dog, identified by the Bakersfield Fire Department (BFD) as Jack.

"Jack" was saved after the firefighters used a high flow oxygen and special animal mask to bring the small animal back to life. "He was in really bad shape". Smith and Jack were reunited Thursday at the veterinary hospital where he was being treated.