North Korea could launch reliable nuclear-capable missile by 2018

Thursday, 27 Jul, 2017

This could change geopolitics in the region and affect the global endeavours to stop Pyongyang's nuclear and missile belligerence.

On July 5, Haley delivered a statement to the UN Security Council that addressed both North Korea's missile launch the previous day and the tragic death of Otto Warmbier, an American university student who was arrested and imprisoned while visiting North Korea as a tourist in 2016.

This week's expected House vote to add more sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea is a prime example of how little thought goes into USA foreign policy.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, second from right, inspects the preparation of the launch of a Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile on July 4.

Also at the conference, National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, was asked if North Korea is now a member of the club of nations with nuclear weapons.

United Nations resolutions were clear when it came to North Korean missile launches and China opposed any move that ran counter to them, Lu said. Despite that, the South Korean public is still fascinated by her, because of intense curiosity about one puzzling question: Was her return to the North voluntary? "The intelligence community is closely monitoring the expanding threat from North Korea".

The "Washington Post" reported that the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency now believes Kim Jong-un will have a reliable nuclear ICBM some time in 2018.

Intelligence officials for the U.S. Defense Department made the estimate in a report published Tuesday.

"We see in North Korea a bona fide research and development program that is not tied to a calendar", he told reporters.

Obviously, one of the most pressing foreign-policy issues facing President Trump's administration concerns North Korea.

Two Jordanians dead, Israeli injured in ِAmman Israeli embassy
An Israeli security guard opened fire on two Jordanians after one of them attacked him with a screwdriver, killing both. Last Friday, July 21, thousands of Muslims in Israel refused to pass under metal detectors and prayed in the streets.

Diplomats say China and Russian Federation only view a long-range missile test or nuclear weapon test as a trigger for further possible United Nations sanctions.

Frustrated that China has not done more to rein in North Korea, the USA could impose new sanctions on Chinese firms doing business with Pyongyang, senior U.S. official have said.

Migrant workers take the boat between Vladivostok and Rajin alongside Russian and Chinese visitors, according to Bogdanov, who said his business was contracted to run the route by a Hong Kong-registered company through an entity in North Korea that he didn't identify.

The nature of the North Korean regime is clear; only the scale of the damage it does could become different.

Russian Federation also made clear its intention to challenge China for patronage of the North by providing it with "humanitarian aid". He then should order all American troops withdrawn from Korea. That means that "by next year the program will have advanced from prototype to assembly line". VOA said that a Facebook posting by the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang also mentioned Moscow's plan to donate an additional 2,700 tons of flour to the North.

North Korea threatened Wednesday to launch a nuclear strike against the USA if the latter miscalculates.

Obviously, a closer relationship between Russian Federation and North Korea benefits both.

In the face of the above argument, some would counter that in the case of America's only other nuclear deployments, we were officially at war with Japan at the time, and the rationale of using nuclear weapons had been examined in the soberest and most prudent manner. China imported $219.5 million worth of coal from North Korea between January and June, a 54.9 percent year-on-year drop.

Imports from North Korea to China slumped as much as 52.3 percent year on year in March, a month after China stopped all imports of the North's coal and lignite.