R Street Institute applauds new FDA comprehensive tobacco and nicotine announcement

Saturday, 29 Jul, 2017

The FDA also announced plans to issue new regulations for products like cigars, pipe tobacco, and e-cigarettes.

(Gottlieb) "We need to envision a world where cigarettes lose their addictive potential through reduced nicotine levels".

The FDA also announced it will allow e-cigarette companies several more years before having to get fda approval for products marketed after February 2007. "But the nicotine in cigarettes is not directly responsible for the cancer, lung disease, and heart disease that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year".

Mr. Gottlieb said the FDA's new approach would consider "a continuum of risk for nicotine delivery", from combustible products such as cigarettes to nicotine-replacement therapies such as nicotine patches and gums.

He's directing the center for tobacco products to develop a nicotine regulatory plan.

Among those measures are further development of new tobacco products that are less unsafe than cigarettes, as will as considering whether or not it is wise to have menthol and other flavored tobacco products.

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There are obstacles to the plan, however, including figuring out to deal with the people now addicted to nicotine and finding the best ways to prevent people from smoking far more cigarettes in order to get the psychoactive effects of nicotine that they crave.

(Gottlieb) "Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States". The agency also highlighted "substantial costs to society", namely almost $300 billion in direct health care costs and lost productivity each year.

The smoking rate in the U.S.is falling.

The timing of the FDA's announcement raised eyebrows in the City as it came only three days after BAT completed the acquisition of the 57.8 per cent of Reynolds American it did not already own for $49.4 billlion.

"It's hard to overstate what this could mean for the companies affected: non-addictive levels of nicotine would likely mean a lot fewer smokers and of those people who do still light up, smoking a lot less", said Neil Wilson, a senior market analyst with ETX Capital in London.

The plan had an immediate effect on the stock market, Bloomberg reports.