Two Jordanians dead, Israeli injured in ِAmman Israeli embassy

Tuesday, 25 Jul, 2017

Now, relations between the neighboring countries appear to be on the brink of collapse after Jordanian terrorist attacked an Israeli embassy security guard in Amman. "The second, Bashar Hamarneh, a doctor who was in the residential quarter of the embassy at the time of the incident... died of his injuries after midnight in hospital", the security source said.

As reported on RTE, Israel did not want the news of the two Jordanian's who died, to be public knowledge. The two said that Jordan is demanding that Israel hand over the security guard so that the authorities can question him and start the necessary legal proceedings against him.

The Israeli man was in "unstable" condition, said the news site Hala Akhbar, linked to the Jordanian military.

Overnight Sunday, the Foreign Ministry called on the staff in Amman to come home, but Jordanian officials refused to authorize the exit of the security guard - and most of the diplomatic staff made a decision to stay on in solidarity.

A month later, Jordan backed down in the face of Palestinian protests that claimed Israel would use the cameras to identify Muslims opposed to Jewish visits on the Temple Mount.

The other Jordanian then stabbed another Jordanian worker inside the embassy before the Israeli guard fired at one of them while the embassy's security staff arrested the other.

Jordanian police sealed off the scene and blocked access to the area. The guard was reportedly wounded. He said Jordan's ambassador to Israel came to the Foreign Ministry earlier Monday "to help solve the crisis".

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The occupied Palestinian territories have witnessed new tensions ever since Israeli forces introduced restrictions on the entry of Palestinian worshipers into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem al-Quds in August 2015.

The incident is threatening to complicate the crisis over the holy site, which is administered by Muslim authorities under the auspices of Jordan.

An Israeli security guard opened fire on two Jordanians after one of them attacked him with a screwdriver, killing both.

The newspaper Haaretz says that Jason Greenblatt is expected to arrive on Monday in the Trump administration's first direct foray into the crisis.

Israel implemented the Temple Mount security measures following a terror attack 11 days ago, in which three Israeli Arabs attacked and killed two border policemen with weapons that had been hidden on the Temple Mount.

Last Friday, July 21, thousands of Muslims in Israel refused to pass under metal detectors and prayed in the streets.

The father on Monday denied reports that his son was motivated by tensions at the site.