Wonder Woman Will Be Back to Save America in December 2019

Thursday, 27 Jul, 2017

Wonder Woman 2 will be released during the festive season in 2019 and will see the return of Gal Gadot as the title character.

Jenkins' "Wonder Woman" is still chugging along at the box office, with over $389.7 million from North American theaters.

Snyder's last film on the franchise, Justice League, is now under-going hefty reshoots under the watchful eye of Joss Whedon after the director had to depart the film, and Warner Bros and DC are rumoured to be spending $25million on the pickups that are causing some scheduling issues with some of the cast. Patty Jenkins is in talks to direct, and Chris Pine might even make an appearance.

"#Wonder Woman 2" is officially on and has received a December 13, 2019, premiere as announced by Warner Brothers on Tuesday evening. There have been no plot details released yet, however, so we don't know where we will be seeing Wonder Woman next in her solo movie.

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Over the weekend, the actress appeared alongside Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, and Jason Momoa at Comic-Con to promote their upcoming film, Justice League, which will hit theaters this November.

Rumours circulating suggest that the film could be set in the 1980s, but that's unconfirmed. It's DC's highest grossing film. She told Entertainment Weekly in April, when speaking of a sequel: "The story will take place in the USA, which I think is right".

After the success of the first Wonder Woman, it seems natural that a sequel would come of it.