Fan Rushes Stage at Britney Spears Show, Gets Tackled by Security

Friday, 11 Aug, 2017

A Britney Spears concert quickly came to a halt after an unknown person rushed the stage during a show for her Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas.

Jesse Webb, 37, had been asked to leave by security before he danced on the stage and was arrested at the show in Las Vegas on Wednesday, police said.

Further video shows security - and a few of Britney's male dancers - holding the man down on the stage and handcuffing him.

One fan wrote on Instagram, describing the events: "A insane fan jumped in on the stage while Britney was performing her hit song "crazy" she was a little terrified and asked if he had a gun?". He did a cartwheel onstage and kicked a security guard in the process before he was tackled by security.

The fanatical man stormed the stage as she finished performing her hit insane. Some of her security surrounded her as others detained the man.

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The hitmaker could be heard asking her team, clearly terrified: "Is everything okay?"

The offending man was soon dealt with - pictures taken after Britney was taken to safety show him being pinned down on stage.

According to a source who was there during the incident, the fan who went on stage shouted " things that did not make sense, he looked like a madman".

She also shared her excitement on Instagram, writing: "Missed being on stage. ready for Vegas tonight!" Wednesday night's performance was the first since she took a break during the summer to tour in Asia. In October, one of her performers sprang into action when the pop princess' halter strap on her bra top broke in the middle of her singing Joan Jett's "I Love Rock "n Roll".