Final Fantasy XV: Get Ready PC Players

Wednesday, 23 Aug, 2017

Square Enix today announced Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, a mobile adaptation of the RPG. However if you don't really fancy yourself a PC gamer and more of a mobile gamer, not to worry as Square Enix has got you covered as well because Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition has been officially announced.

In terms of Final Fantasy XV DLC, you can expect Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades in fall 2017 and Episode Ignis in December 2017. Especially if they beef up the Pocket Edition a bit by offering the full game all at once (no chapter separation) and offering other Switch-exclusive content that may not be on mobile. Their premium games tend to come at a premium cost. In order to get the game running on mobile devices, the graphics of the game were changed into a more Chibi-look which will likely remind players of how World of Final Fantasy looked.

But then we have Hajime Tabata over here, acting all sly about a Nintendo Switch release of something.

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All 10 episodes will be available from Day 1 and the first episode will be available for free when Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition releases later this year. Given that Switch has been very successful and third-party devs are bringing their titles to the hybrid console, we would not be surprised if Final Fantasy XV comes to Switch.

Hajime Tabata also added "everyone on the Final Fantasy XV team loves this console that has a name that sounds like Twitch, and they're thinking about something for that right now". There would certainly be some challenges considering the limitations of the console's hardware, but you never know what might happen.