Game of Thrones Episode 706 leaks-Discuss it here

Wednesday, 16 Aug, 2017

Star India also telecasts a censored version of Games of Thrones on its English television channel Star World Premiere. And it's actually more of a legit recreation than you may have even realized.

Brijesh Singh, Special IGP (Cyber), Government of Maharashtra said in a statement that they zeroed in on Prime Focus Technologies as being responsible for the episode leak, following a preliminary enquiry by the officers of the Cyber & PAW, Government of Maharashtra.

"If we want to beat her, we have to be clever".

Little did Arya know however, that she was only being led exactly where Littlefinger wanted her to be.

On Dany executing the Tarlys: "At least Dany offers them a choice". Soon the internet started bustling with many more leaked stills.

"Her dragon burned 1,000 wagons", relays Jaime. She's pregnant, and this time, she's going to be honest and unabashed about who the baby's father is.

Coster-Waldau is on the fence about Cersei's pregnancy revelation, but thinks that Jaime whole-heartedly believes his sister's claim. It also promises the deaths of Cersei's three children Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen: "Gold will be their crowns; gold their shrouds".

Cersei's time on the show is surely coming to a close, this season or next. Hard to say if this is truthful or an attempt by Cersei to keep Jaime tied to her more closely.

It's not that much of a stretch. When did he have time to get this all made for him on the way to Dragonstone from Oldtown?

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As soon as The Night King saw Bran's ravens, Bran lost his connection.

Tormund Giantsbane still has a thing for Brienne, upset Jon didn't bring "the big woman" North with him to carry out his insane plan.

This is not to dismiss Game of Thrones; HBO is making a show with strong femmes and giving us different representations of what people assigned female at birth can do.

Which brings us on nicely to.

The 6th episode follows the events of Eastwatch where Jon Snow is leading a group of courageous men beyond The Wall to bring home proof of the White Walkers and the Night King's existence.

Out of the list above, we'd single out three main contenders - Beric, Jorah, and The Hound. The one just inside the wall. He left Dany to go and heal himself so he could serve her.

Perhaps an undead Cleganebowl would be an fantastic watch, but we're really hoping we get more of The Hound, and that he gets to see what his brother has become. Well, he was gone for a couple episodes, and Tyrion went to King's Landing and came back in the same episode, so it makes sense, sort of.

From bastard, to Lord Commander, to King in the North, to. Later, while Gilly is telling how Rhaegar Targaryen would remarry to Dorne - "Jon Snow is a Targary" - Sam expresses his frustration and decides to leave the Citadel. Let's hope that we get more than renewed sibling rivalry and more training montages.

In case you didn't already know, we here at JOE are big GOT fans.

. (Spoilers for Season 7 follow.) With Jon Snow headed past the Wall to capture a White Walker with his gang of badasses, you might be feeling the chill regardless of the real weather outside. They might decide a couple of years down the line that there are other storylines they need to concentrate on as it reaches its climax, and I guess if no one really seems to notice that you've gone, you're an easy character to lose. The crack team of warriors who will implement Jon's plan, while ignoring Davos advice, despite being proof that that advice works, consists of Jon, Tormund, Gendry (I know, in a minute), and the Brotherhood, is an enticing prospect, even if it all seems a bit rushed.