Rocket League® - Nintendo Switch Battle-Cars Trailer

Thursday, 24 Aug, 2017

The Super Mario and Metroid cars won't be available until the Holiday season, but it's great to see Nintendo working with a third-party developer to bring cool content to an already great game.

On top of the new cars, players on the Switch version will have Mario and Luigi toppers that will be able to used on any of the cars in the game that allow customization.

Of course the real star is the auto based on Samus' Gunship, which comes complete with some sci-fi wheels. The Mario version is red and can only be used if you're on the Orange Team, while the Luigi auto is green and can be used if you're on the Blue team. The Mario vehicle will only be playable on the orange team and the Luigi auto will only be playable on the blue team. The second exclusive Battle-Car is Samus' Gunship based on the protagonist of the beloved Metroid franchise. The Mario and Luigi vehicles are technically one NSR auto that come in two different colors.

Reporting function on PS4 and Xbox One consoles coming in next patch
Last month's update also detailed the console report system was in the works, and that has now materialized. Heroes of the Storm: Showdown will be a live show including fights between community personalities and pros.

Victor or nominee of more than 150 "Game of the Year" awards, Rocket League is one of the most critically-acclaimed sports games of our generation. The Nintendo Battle-Cars and other Nintendo Switch additions, including local wireless multiplayer and Mario and Luigi Toppers, will be available when Rocket League comes to Nintendo Switch, Holiday 2017.

In a post on Rocket League's website today we got a good look at what we can expect in terms of customization when the game launches later this year. The developer is adding three new cars to Rocket League, including one for both Mario and Luigi, as well as a vehicle for Metroid.