Russia Hopes for Continuation of Contacts With US Over Syrian Settlement

Thursday, 10 Aug, 2017

Japan's foreign minister said "heated discussions" took place about North Korea's missile tests and South China Sea disputes at a security forum on Monday, and most countries believed United Nations sanctions on Pyongyang should be fully implemented.

During their first bilateral talks in Manila, Kono and Lavrov also confirmed that the two countries will hold a vice foreign ministerial meeting on August 17 in Moscow to discuss such activities, the Japanese official said.

It's extraordinary - and appalling - that eight months after the election, and seven months after the US intelligence community confirmed Russia's unprecedented and aggressive involvement in last year's election, the Trump administration is still trying to impress upon Moscow how "serious" the situation is.

Tillerson and President Donald Trump opposed the sanctions package, passed by Congress in July, which makes it harder for Trump to ever ease penalties on Russian Federation.

"This will be in this way from now on".

Russia's foreign ministry confirmed after a phone call between Rex Tillerson and Sergei Lavrov.

07 de agosto de 2017, 15:06Moscow, Aug 7 (Prensa Latina) Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov today denounced the tightening of USA sanctions against his country, and assured that such actions will affect bilateral relations for a long time.

Majority of Americans support attack on North Korea if it strikes South
The frightening claims were made in the Washington Post , citing a confidential assessment by the US Defense Intelligence Agency. Kazianis said China must enforce the sanctions and strip North Korea of vital resources used for its militarization.

Neither Tillerson nor Lavrov responded to a shouted question about how the new United States penalties might affect their discussions.

Tillerson emerged from the meeting an hour after it started without taking questions or giving remarks to reporters.

"We want to work with them on areas that are serious national security interest to us while at the same time having this extraordinary issue of mistrust that divides us", the U.S.'s top diplomat said.

The United States and Russian Federation are feuding, expelling diplomats in what Washington calls a new post-cold war low.

Last week, Mr Trump grudgingly signed a bill punishing Russian Federation for election meddling and making it harder for him to ease sanctions on Vladimir Putin's government.

The new U.S. sanctions will affect many sides, including the United States and Trump, American businessman Paul Goncharoff has warned. Discussions are also continuing on expanding the U.S. A U.S. Justice Department investigation is moving ahead into Russia's election interference and potential Trump campaign collusion.

Tillerson's visit also comes just weeks after the U.S. House of Representatives' human rights commission held a hearing on alleged murders as part of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs. Mr Lavrov reiterated the need to respect in full Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the provisions of the UN Security Council resolutions that lay the foundations for advancing the political process.