Special prosecutor Robert Mueller asks White House for documents on Flynn

Tuesday, 08 Aug, 2017

Investigators probing Donald Trump's alleged links to Russian Federation have asked the White House to hand over documents relating to his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, according to sources close to the inquiry.

Mueller's team, investigating whether President Trump's campaign coordinated with Russian Federation to influence last year's election, have questioned witnesses close to the former three-star general about Flynn's work with firms tied to the Turkish government, the New York Times reported.

The newspaper said the investigators had questioned witnesses about whether Flynn was secretly paid by the Turkish government during the campaign.

Details emerged a day after reports that Mr Mueller has convened a grand jury in Washington to participate in the probe, signalling the possibility that the inquiry could result in criminal charges.

Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's interference in the U.S. presidential election and the Trump campaign appears to be making headway as he sends a request to the White House for documents on former security adviser Michael Flynn.

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Asked for comment on the story presidential lawyer Ty Cobb said the White House would not discuss "specific communications" with Mueller but would "continue to fully cooperate with the Special Counsel".

According to the daily new yorker, the investigators have also interviewed witnesses to determine whether Mr. Flynn had received payments secrets on the part of the Turkish government towards the end of the election campaign of 2016.

President Trump sacked FBI director James Comey in May after asking him to drop the investigation into Mr Flynn's links with Russian Federation.

The existence of the grand jury in a federal court in Washington was first reported by The Wall Street Journal but has not been officially announced.

Rather, they decide whether probable cause exists that a potential crime has been committed and if charges should be brought.