Sweeping government climate report warns of rapid warming in Alaska, Arctic

Saturday, 12 Aug, 2017

The report indicates that the global land surface temperatures in the year under reference were the highest in the last 137 years of record keeping.

On June 1, President Donald Trump announced the nation would withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate accord because he didn't believe the global warming was real or affecting the Earth.

While Trump's administration seeks to unwind federal policies to address climate change, local governments are being forced to act.

In the United States specifically, the report finds that extreme cold waves have decreased in the past three decades while extreme heat waves have become more common. Globally, temperatures were up nearly a full degree over the average measured from 1981 to 2010. One-third of the sea level rise since 1880 has occurred since 1990, and coastal communities from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic are at increasing risk of routine flooding, saltwater intrusion into the drinking water supply and the collapse of roads, utilities and other vital infrastructure.

The agency's executive summary alone-which contains seven bullet points detailing how 2016 was a particularly bad year for the climate-was sufficient to deeply concern many activists, scientists, and lawmakers. The paper has an entire propaganda section devoted to articles about climate change; the headlines usually include something like, "Hottest Ever!" Meanwhile the difference in biodiversity decline comparing the 2 degrees and the more ambitious 1.5 degrees scenario could also be significant.

Local officials aren't the only ones trying to cope with the effects of climate change. That federal scientists so feared the final report would be gutted or suppressed by the climate change-doubting Trump administration that they leaked it.

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Sea-surface temperatures were the highest on record. For instance, 2016 saw record Arctic land temperatures, record temperatures for lakes around the world, record levels of serious drought globally, and "a record low value" for the "mass of the Greenland Ice Sheet, which has the capacity to contribute ~7 m [23 feet] to sea level rise".

Past year was the third in a row to break global temperature records, the NOAA report found. "Global Change Research Program Climate Science Special Report", is the latest result of a longstanding process going back to 1990 that's been carried out under presidents of both parties with a specific mandate of reviewing and reporting the latest and best climate science - what we know about climate change and what we don't know.

"The American people deserve an honest, open, transparent discussion about this supposed threat to this country", Pruitt said on a North Dakota radio show Wednesday.

Earlier this week the Guardian Newspaper reported that it had received evidence that an agency within the US Department of Agriculture had been instructed to replace the expression "climate change" with "weather extremes. when talking to the public or other agencies".

The Internet Archive, a website that archives content published online, says it downloaded the report from the Environmental Protection Agency's website in January 2017.