Tropical Depression No. 8 Expected To Become Tropical Storm

Monday, 14 Aug, 2017

It is now moving north-northwest at 10 miles per hour with sustained winds at 40 miles per hour.

A disturbance that has been slowly making its way across the Atlantic since last week has organized and gained strength, becoming the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season's eighth tropical depression, the National Hurricane Center reports.

Gert will not be a big problem for the United States thanks in part to a cold front settling into the southeastern corner of the country.

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The storm is expected to continue to track to the north-northwest today - and toward the U.S. East Coast.

The next name on the list is Gert if Eight becomes a tropical storm. Tropical Depression 8 (TD 8) formed from what was Invest 99L Saturday evening around 10 PM CDT. This, along with a persistent ridge of high pressure east of the system in the Atlantic, will help to steer the storm away from the American east coast and then out toward open water. It is expected to remain a tropical storm through the first half of next week.

That wave has just moved off the coast of Africa and is expected to move westward over the next few days.