Verizon Changes Unlimited Plans Yet Again

Thursday, 24 Aug, 2017

Verizon also offers a "businessunlimited" plan, which starts at United States dollars 45 and includes some of the conditions of each of the above plans, and a prepaid unlimited package, which costs USD 80 and also includes roaming.

23, the beginning cost for Verizon's single-line unlimited data plan will drop from $80 to $75 per month for new customers.

Verizon did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment, but these changes are slated to go into effect starting tomorrow, according to the reports. The usual unlimited minutes and texts are includes, and you get 480p video streaming on smartphones and 720p HD video streaming on tablets (no way to get higher resolutions). You also get 720p video streaming, unlimited talk and text and calling, texting and data in both Canada and Mexico. As Verizon claimed in a statement announcing the update, most users won't notice a difference in visual quality on video that's streamed at more than 720p on a smartphone or 1080p on a tablet. It is also the one closest to the original plan, in that users only suffer reduced speeds when they exceed 22GB in a billing cycle. If you fork out an extra $10 per month, you can subscribe to the Beyond Unlimited plan that bumps up the resolution to 720p on smartphones. Now with the new three-tier plans, it is not clear if the company is limiting the bandwidth of all video platforms.

Verizon finally rejoined the unlimited bandwagon in February after bleeding customers to rivals that had previously launched unlimited plans.

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Business Unlimited: Price varies.

Now, as I said, proving that Verizon's network has been slowed down by Unlimited is impossible if you don't work at Verzion - and its executives are saying the opposite. This applies at all times, and you no longer have the promise for full speeds until you hit a certain limit like 10GB or 15GB: it could happen at all times. Back in July, Verizon customers noticed that the quality of video streams was being manipulated.

Earlier, Verizon customers were using VPN to circumvent throttling practice for streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

The move to limit video streaming is likely to upset net neutrality advocates who have argued T-Mobile's actions violate the rules to keep the internet open and fair. Meanwhile, unlimited mobile hotspot data is topped at 600Kbps. Because most video is not yet offered in 4K, and most devices can not yet support 4K - conditions that are both changing rapidly, with new phones and new shows hitting the market every year. Current Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai has been a well-documented opponent of net neutrality and has made reversing policies from previous chairperson Tom Wheeler a major focus during his appointment.