Vijender Singh v/s Zulipikaer Maimaitiali

Sunday, 06 Aug, 2017

Zulpikar's trainer Julian Howell said, "With the right kind of training and is Zulpikar is taken good care of, I know Zulpikar will become the next World Champion".

"Last night I checked my weight it was 78 and I had to be 76.2, so I did not eat anything. I have a game plan which I discussed with my coach, he (the coach) said stay calm, don't be in hurry", said Vijender, ahead of the August 5 fight , As Reported By Tribune.

"I don't want this title because I don't want tension at the border (between India and China)".

The controversial 31-year-old, who is eyeing opportunities in the United Kingdom and USA if he manages to overcome 23-year-old Maimaitiali, is taking every opportunity to downplay the threat from his opponent while jabbing away at his Chinese nationality. "Pro-boxing in my country is not so popular, if I win I will be able to promote pro-boxing and motivate youngsters in my country to come forward and pick up pro boxing as a sport".

Apart from the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight, Vijender also claimed the Oriental title. "He thinks I am a kid, but he has no idea who I am", said Maimaitiali.

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The victor of Saturday's fight will take over the title of his opponent while retaining his current title, thus becoming the numero uno boxer across two weight categories. "It will be a surprise for him on Saturday".

China's undefeated star boxer has eight bouts under his name, same as Vijender. "I'll be proud to win this double title fight for him", said Zulpikar.

Vijender Singh is unbeaten since his debut in professional boxing.

Vijender clinched his first title in July 2016 against Kerry Hope of Australia, becoming the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Champion.

Zulpikar was penalised by the referee for taking an unsporting shot (low blow) at Vijender and that turned out to be crucial in the context of the match as Vijender won the bout by a very small margin.