Killer Clown Arrested in 27-year-old Florida cold case

Friday, 29 Sep, 2017

Marlene Warren was shot and killed on May 26, 1990, in Wellington, Florida, when she opened the door to a person in a clown costume carrying what appeared to be a delivery of a bouquet of red and white flowers and balloons.

The case had initially gone cold after authorities failed to garner enough evidence to convict Warren, whom they initially suspected to be the culprit. After Marlene Warren was out of the way, Sheila married Marlene's widower, Michael Warren, in 2002.

They interviewed numerous witnesses, reviewed evidence, submitted new evidence for DNA analysis and were able to win an indictment from a grand jury on August 31.

"We just needed a few of those little pieces of the puzzle and we were able to do that with the new technologies in DNA and we were able to complete the puzzle and I think that's what led to the indictment", she said.

"Sometimes patience is the best", said sheriff's Detective Paige McCann.

According to the release, Sheila Keen married Michael Warren - Marlene Warren's husband - in 2002.

Police have not said whether Michael is involved in his former wife's death. It is unclear whether or not Warren's husband had any involvement in the murder.

The balloons that the clown carried were only sold at a Publix at Community and Military Trail, near Sheila Keen's home, according to the investigators.

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On his Facebook page , Samson wrote that he attended Smyrna High School and studied psychology at Mott Community College in MI . A man arrested by officers in connection with the incident, 25 year old Emanuel Kidega Samson has been charged with murder.

Sheila was arrested on Tuesday at her home in Virginia, near the Tennessee border. The clown gave her the flowers and balloons.

After searching her home, police found fibers from an orange wig that matched fibers from the getaway auto that was ditched in a grocery store parking lot.

At the time, Warren worked for the victim's husband Micheal.

She allegedly told her mother, "If anything happens to me, Mike done it".

Recent information about Michael and Sheila's current lives was not available, however, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said they ran a restaurant in Tennessee when police arrived to arrest Sheila. They had until late previous year operated a popular drive-thru restaurant called the "Purple Cow" in Kingsport, Tenn., reports the Sun Sentinel.

We're learning new details about the accused "killer clown" arrested in Washington County, Virginia earlier this week. The 1990 murder of Marlene Warren, 40, by a person wearing a clown costume was one of the cases detectives began investigating as a result of the grant funding, the detective said Thursday morning during a press conference.

Five months after the murder, he turned himself in to the sheriff's deputies, who charged him and one of his employees with operating a "chop shop" selling parts from stolen vehicles and stealing cars to collect on insurance claims.