Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Review

Tuesday, 26 Sep, 2017

Sarek is also the first to whip out the traditional Vulcan (and Star Trek) saying near the start of episode two, complete with the iconic split-fingers hand gesture.

It should be noted that while Discovery may not had reached the pinnacles of its predecessors, the television landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Additionally, all future episodes will be released on over-the-top streaming service in the United States on Sundays. No, the first two installments of the show very much feel like a prologue to the bigger series, but also an important one that sets up Burnham's bigger arc.

Launched with a cliffhanging hour on CBS, the program's second episode and those thereafter will air on the network's fledgling streaming service, a shrewd way to attempt to hook fans and extract their hard-earned cash.

Who is in the cast of Star Trek: Discovery?

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Leading up to the oft-delayed Discovery, much of the conversation focused around the departure of showrunner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies), following both his commitments to American Gods and disagreements with CBS over the direction of Discovery. Based on the two-part Discovery premiere, the show has successfully made the jump to the modern mode of serialized storytelling, an approach that was mostly avoided in the previous Trek shows. Sci-fi fans pining for Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck will surely thrill to see the Vulcan-raised human First Officer holler with joy, rather than fear, as she floats her way into the middle of uncharted space. And no matter what compromises and negotiations were required to get the show on its feet, and despite its many instance of "because we said so" plotting, Discovery doesn't feel compromised.

But if we're honest, more important to our nerdy little minds than any of that was the raft of subtle callbacks, easter eggs and references to Star Trek's 50-year history.

Star Trek: Discovery will likely hit Netflix next fall, a few weeks before the premiere of the next season of Star Trek: Discovery, assuming it's renewed for another season. Fuller's ambitious pitch for Discovery-an allegorical anthology that would span Trek's different eras, pulling in talent like Edgar Wright along the way-was reportedly scrapped by CBS in favor of something decidedly more pedestrian: a darker prequel to the original Star Trek.

Before launching Star Trek: Discovery, CBS All Access was the exclusive home to The Good Fight, a spinoff of the series The Good Wife. Discovery's opening episode, meanwhile, sees the Shenzou investigate a damaged Federation array only to come across a hidden Klingon vessel - though the end results there were slightly more violent... Consequently, while I applaud Star Trek Discovery for boldly representing women of color, I hope this is not the last we see of Captain Phillippa Georgiou (backstory please!) or women of color as Starfleet Captains.