Steven King's 'It' Takes in $117.2-M in US

Tuesday, 12 Sep, 2017

The hype and box office predictions for the new adaptation of Stephen King's beloved horror novel It were high well before the movie hit theaters, and the sneak preview screening numbers indicated that It was going to have a huge weekend.

The Stephen King adaptation is set to have the second-biggest weekend ever for an R-rated movie (a United Kingdom equivalent of a 15 rating), with only Deadpool likely to have done better.

"A terrific start for the Fall moviegoing season after a rather slow Labor Day weekend as 'It'revs up a sleepy marketplace and we look forward to an fantastic September at the box office, " wrote movie analyst Paul Dergarabedian at comScore in an email to Xinhua.

That is the largest opening for a film debuting in September, almost $70 million more than the previous record.

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When it comes to R-rated films, the biggest opening was none other than Deadpool, setting the bar at $132.4 million. Only Beauty and the Beast and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 earned more this year.

Ultimately, credit has to go to director Andy Muschietti, screenwriters Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman, as well as the entire team behind the movie, in addition to the cast for so adeptly updating King's original tale.

Police in the ME city that's home to Stephen King played a prank to coincide with the opening of the horror film "It", based on King's book. Hell, horror movies don't do this type of business, regardless of rating. Coming in at third was Hitman's Bodyguard, which fell to third place this weekend. With the China release just under way, the film is most definitely certain to break $850 million worldwide before the end of its current theatrical run. The production cost a relatively modest $35 million for its negative, and that planned sequel is set to move forward soon. Warner Bros. and New Line made "It". This weekend, Homecoming dropped 45.3 percent to bring in another $2 million.

The movie adapts only part of the 1,000-plus page book, in which its main characters are children.