Trump Hails Saudi 'Positive Step' Allowing Women To Drive

Thursday, 28 Sep, 2017

"If by June next year women in Saudi Arabia are driving the streets without fear of arrest, then this will be a cause for celebration".

A major decission came on 26 September when Saudi Arabia's King Salman ordered to end the law and a conservative tradition of not allowing a woman to drive. The decision highlights the damage that the ban on women driving has done to the kingdom's worldwide reputation and its hopes for a public relations benefit from the reform.

"This is a positive step toward promoting the rights and opportunities of women in Saudi Arabia".

The U.S. State Department called it a "great step in the right direction", echoing a similar comment from U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Abbas added: "This is, however, certainly a case of 'better late than never;' and we should not for a single moment underestimate the significance of this bold move by Riyadh". "We will continue to support Saudi Arabia in its to efforts to strengthen Saudi society and the economy through reforms like this and the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030", she said in a statement.

But Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Saudi ambassador to Washington, said this will no longer be the case.

"We don't know what will happen next", said a woman in one of the cars.

The move comes as Saudi Arabia works to improve its image and the perception of its human rights record in the United States and the West.

Eman Ahmed dies in Abu Dhabi hospital
According to UAE newspaper The National , 37-year-old Eman Ahmed Abdel Ati died from complications linked to her condition. After her long and successful treatment in Mumbai , since February 11, she was then treated at Abu Dhabi's VPS Healthcare.

Women are still banned from doing things like traveling without the permission of their male guardian, opening a bank account without their husband's consent, or even undergoing surgery. In 2013, a group of 10 women chose to challenge the ban and drive.

Saudi Arabia's Royal Court announced that decision to publish, n women will be allowed to drive a driver's license announced.

"Today was a historic day for women in Saudi Arabia as a decree was announced to lift the ban on women drivers".

Numerous kingdom's professionals and young people will welcome the change, viewing it as a step to making life in the country a bit more like life elsewhere.

"Within the framework of the visit of the King of Saudi Arabia to Russian Federation, the RDIF with Saudi partners will announce the creation of new investment platform in the energy sectors, as well as investments in the industrial and infrastructure sectors", Dmitriev told reporters.

Female drivers in Saudi Arabia, which have always been arguing and protesting, are on agenda again. He says Saudi Arabia will recognise driver's licenses issued to women in other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

NORTHAM: Getting a license doesn't mean equal rights for all.