Unexploded WW-II bomb found in Frankfurt, 65000 residents evacuated

Sunday, 03 Sep, 2017

Police officers close a street as 60,000 people in Germany's financial capital are about to evacuate the city while experts defuse an unexploded British World War Two bomb found during renovations on the university's campus in Frankfurt, Germany, September 3, 2017.

Unexploded bombs are regularly found in German cities.

More than 60,000 people have been ordered to leave a radius of 1.5 kilometers (nearly a mile) around the site where the 1.8-ton British bomb will be disposed of Sunday.

The fire service said the evacuation of two hospitals, including premature babies and patients in intensive care, had been completed and they were now helping about 500 elderly people leave residences and care homes.

The evacuation area includes Germany's central bank which houses half the country's gold reserves.

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Many of those who have been forced to leave have been offered space in a temporary centre at the site of Frankfurt's trade fair.

And, although it's not unusual for live bombs and munition to be uncovered in Germany - 2,000 tonnes are found each year, even under buildings - it's rare for them to be so large and found in such a sensitive position. If that fails, a water jet will be used to cut the fuses.

The HC 4000 bomb is believed to have been dropped by Britain's Royal Airforce in World War II.

Roads and transport systems will also be closed, and air traffic in the evacuation zone may be affected.

Some of the city's museums have offered free entry to displaced residents.