'Breaking Bad' fans re-enact infamous pizza-throwing scene, homeowners aren't happy

Saturday, 14 Oct, 2017

More specifically, fans have been throwing pizzas on the real-life house where the famous scene of Bryan Cranston's Walt tossing a pie on his roof was shot.

And Frank Sandoval, who runs the Breaking Bad RV Tours, says he completely understands.

Construction on the fence in underway, and Quintana says people have already tried to climb around the construction to snap a photo.

Sometimes fans can take things a little too far.

Alright, we're not saying that we'd find this funny at all if it was our own house - but as stories go, it's pretty amusing to an innocent bystander.

KOB 4 in New Mexico reports that the owners of the home have put up a six-foot high wrought iron fence around the home to prevent it from happening again. In order to try and replicate that, fans will show up and toss pizzas on the roof, which is pretty undesirable if you're the owner of the house this is being done to. "We're the ones who's being locked up".

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Why pizza, I hear you cry?

One of the biggest issues plaguing Joanne Quintana at the house has been pizzas on the roof.

The ongoing vandalism hit a boiling point in 2015, when the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, lashed out at fans attempting to disrupt the everyday life of the elderly couple. In an interview with the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast in 2015, he said there's "nothing original or amusing or cool" about doing it.

"It's been done before, you're not the first".

Speaking to KOB4, the owner's daughter Joanna Quinta said: "We feel like we can't leave because when we, do something happens and that's ridiculous".