Former British prime minister 'raped an 11-year-old boy', police told

Friday, 06 Oct, 2017

Wiltshire Police have revealed the findings of Operation Conifer - an vast investigation by five police forces into sexual abuse claims against former Tory PM Sir Edward Heath.

The report found that these seven claims were sufficiently credible to justify interviewing the former Conservative Prime Minister under caution - if he were alive.

A police investigation has revealed the former United Kingdom prime minister Sir Edward Heath would have been questioned over sex abuse claims if he was alive.

She branded the inquiry "a disgrace" and said one of Heath's key accusers had made "pernicious" claims of satanic ritual abuse and said she was "profoundly disturbed" by uncorroborated witnesses.

Mark Watts, former editor of Exaro News, a website which first reported the claims against Sir Edward, said the allegations against him spanned an "extraordinary period of time" between 1961 and 1992.

The £1.5 million (€1.7 million) probe was triggered in 2015 after Heath was named as a suspect in an investigation into so-called historical child sex abuse. He was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

A raft of politicians from across the spectrum have been accused of abusing children, including Liberal Democrat Sir Cyril Smith and Labour peer and former MP Lord Janner.

The nature of these crimes, let's call them alleged crimes, is such that numerous victims of these kinds of crimes find it extremely hard to come forward for a whole range of reasons, and it's not in the least unusual that once somebody has passed away that the victims feel free, able and safe to actually come forward and to speak about what happened in the past.

The supposed crimes include raping an 11-year-old boy, assaulting a 10-year-old and molesting a teenage rent boy three times.

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Altogether, Wiltshire Police investigated 42 separate allegations against Sir Edward, who died in 2005, from 40 individuals.

"My suspicion is that we will learn nothing from the report except innuendo and that really takes nobody any further forward, except it leaves a dark stain over a man who can't defend himself", he said earlier this week. Many other charges were dismissed in the report.

But the decision to investigate had been "the right moral thing, ethical thing and professional thing to do", he said.

"We had really quite a close relationship. and I think I did know him very well".

"(He) was an extremely prominent, influential and high-profile person, arguably one of the most powerful people in the world", he said.

He said that police had made no conclusions as to Sir Edward's guilt or otherwise, not least because he did not have the opportunity to respond to the allegations against him.

Heath's reputation should not be left in limbo, his former colleagues said.

Veale denied the investigation into Heath was a "fishing expedition" or "witch hunt" and vowed not to bow to "unacceptable" media pressure.

"If you make a mass appeal for victims you are sure to get them, whether they are legitimate or not", he told Radio 4's Today program. Further evidence is said to exist in the fuller 350-page report that has been sent in confidence to the Home Office and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.