US, Japan agree to maximize pressure on N. Korea over nuclear program

Wednesday, 18 Oct, 2017

This time, it comes courtesy of the country's deputy United Nations ambassador, who warned on Monday that the situation on the Korean peninsula has now reached a stage where "nuclear war may break out at any moment". As reported by Fox News, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson yesterday said that diplomacy will continue with North Korea, "until the first bomb drops".

North Korea's delegation has stated that it considers nuclear weapons the only effective means of protecting the country's sovereignty, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko told reporters on Monday after a meeting with Deputy Chairman of North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly Ahn Dong Chun on the sidelines of the Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly.

Trump warned the US will "totally destroy North Korea" if it is forced to defend itself or its allies from the rogue nation, later tweeting that "they won't be around much longer".

"The entire continental part of the United States is within reach of our missiles, and if the U.S. dares to invade our sacred territory even by an inch, they will face serious consequences, Kim Ying Ryong claimed". With this in mind, he said that the country had the right to manufacture nuclear weapons of their own in self-defence.

North Korea's diplomat to the United Nation's told reporters on September 25 that Trump's tweet is a "declaration of war", which the administration has denied.

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Robert Gallucci, who served as a chief USA negotiator during the North Korean nuclear crisis of 1994 when the U.S. considered a military option against North Korea's nuclear program, said the regime might have little interest in talks until it secures a reliable ICBM capability that "levels the playing field with the United States".

It comes the US Navy started military drills near the Korean Peninsula with its aircraft carrier strike group and nuclear-powered submarine yesterday.

"As long as one does not take part in the USA military actions against the DPRK, we have no intention to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against any other country", he said.

Tension between the US and North Korea have escalated in recent months with Kim ramping up the country's nuclear armament, touting its intercontinental ballistic missiles could strike the U.S.

While North Korea has showcased its ability to send its ballistic missile to the contiguous United States through a series of successful tests in July, whether the regime has secured technology to protect nuclear warheads during the re-entry phase has been in doubt among experts in Seoul and Washington.