Valve adds digital gift cards to Steam platform

Sunday, 29 Oct, 2017

Essentially, it works the same as Steam's existing physical gift cards, allowing the receiver to spend their gift however they want. With the cards friends can gift each other a certain amount of money to be spent in the Steam Store.

Valve has introduced Steam Gift Cards, so you can send Steam Wallet currency to a friend.

The launch does come with a couple of restrictions, however. Steam gift cards can be used to purchase anything including games, micro-transaction items, things from the community market and hardware.

If you find yourself buying Steam titles as gifts very often, you're no stranger to how hard it may be if you have no idea what to buy.

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Digital gift cards are the flawless gift for any PC gamer with a wishlist full of strong upcoming titles, or they are for someone that does not have a set wishlist or one who prefers microtransactions and DLC.

Jump over to the official Steam website for more details and a full FAQ answering all your questions and purchasing requirements. For instance, you can't just type in the different gift card options in the search bar and buy it that way.

An email message is sent to the selected friend, and the new gift card is also highlighted in the Steam client. You'll have to follow the link, and they can only be sent through Steam to people on your friends list. There's no explanation for why this is the case, but it is likely something to do with the legalities of transferring currency across state borders. There are gift card options for $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 respectively.