IOS predictive text bug is frustrating, but Apple has a workaround

Tuesday, 07 Nov, 2017

Apple reportedly says it is looking into the bug, yet another of the many recent technical problems. Go to Settings, then General, Keyboard, and finally Text Replacement.

But if you are struggling to type the letter "i", follow these steps.

Then, type an uppercase "I" (without quotes) into the "shortcut" line. For now, its recommending people set up Text Replacement on their devices for the lowercase letter "i".

Apple is aware of the flaw and is working on a fix, and has provided a fix that requires a small amount of work. Apple has acknowledged the feature saying that it's affecting anyone with a device that's running iOS 11.1. This underlines further iOS 11.1 issues and problems, and the bug is apparent throughout iMessage, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps.

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This bug is persistent throughout several different apps but, oddly, not everyone using iOS 11.1 is affected. According to, turning off predictive text is a way to put an end to the issue, as well as using a third-party keyboard.

Some people have taken to Twitter to complain about the freakish glitch over the weekend.

The BBC has contacted Apple for comment.

Some people took to Twitter to complain about the weird glitch over the weekend. Which, judging by the fact that "I" is a relatively important letter in the English language, will probably be sooner than later. You can also completely disable the "Auto-Correction" feature of the iOS platform to impose the letters you type on your keyboard.